Need Bookkeeping?

Business owners know the importance they bring to their operation, however business owners should be able to concentrate their efforts on the management of their company and not worry about the day to day bookkeeping tasks. Our team at JMH & CO., like Jackie Delmas here,  provides comprehensive bookkeeping services you can rely on.

When you engage with us for your bookkeeping needs, you can be assured of highly skilled bookkeeping staff, supervised by an accountant with years of experience.  JMH & CO. supports SAGE (Simply Accounting) and QuickBooks accounting systems, as well as Ceridian and ADP payroll applications.

Our bookkeeping services include payroll services (including annual T4 reporting), GST returns, bank reconciliations, accounts receivable and payable, WCB reporting and monthly financial statement reporting.

Our customized approach to your bookkeeping allows JMH & Co. to provide you with the following benefits:

  1. Management Reporting:  We provide our clients with more than data entry.  We can deliver monthly or quarterly financial reports that will provide real and timely information for you to manage your business.
  2. Completion of Annual Tax Return:  The fiscal year end can be completed in a timelier fashion as issues will have been discussed with the client throughout the year and the JMH & Co. bookkeeping information flows seamlessly to the year-end tax return preparation.
  3. Accountant Review:  All reports and GST filings are reviewed by a qualified accountant prior to delivery to Revenue Canada or the client.  This allows us to ensure a very high quality to the work performed as well as pointing out things in your business that you might be missing that could save you time and money.
  4. If a Mistake Happens:  Our bookkeeping processes are dedicated to ensuring a high quality of filings with Revenue Canada.  However, in the unlikely event that we make a mistake with a GST, payroll or income tax return, we cover any associated penalties and interest.

At JMH & Co., we are Your Partner for Financial Success!

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