Expanding Your Business?

Congratulations, you’re in a position where you’re considering expanding your business. There are a lot of ways to grow your business and with that, come a lot of challenges.

Has your business started to reach its limitations? Are you looking to diversify into new services, or maybe into a new market? Are you thinking of merging or acquiring a business?

Our team at JMH&CO, like Linda Simpson here, will help you plan for your future growth.

Linda is a Chartered Public Accountant, she can improve your business efficiency and make sure you have the proper structure, cash flow and reporting to access the funding you require to expand today and maintain balance in the future.

We can work with you to restructure your business and tax plan to make sure everything grows smoothly and you cashflow stays healthy, until you’re ready to exit the business or transition the business to the next generation or key managers.

At JMH & Co., we are Your Partner for Financial Success!

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If you’re considering jumping into the rental home property business and becoming a new landlord, there will be implications when it comes to paying Goods and Services/Harmonized Tax (GST/HST). Like many things, when a person buys a home directly from a builder, there will be the typical GST/HST added to