What my Accountant really does after May 1

Another tax season is behind us and we know what you are all thinking….. the office is like a ghost town because half of us are on the golf course, and the other half have headed to their cottages for some much-needed R&R.  However, contrary to popular belief, our office is abuzz and we are actively engaged in what we call “Post-Tax Season”

Here are five things we are focused on this week.

  1. Personal Tax Deadlines? Not for Me! The “day after April 30” is often spent connecting with a few clients that may have forgotten their personal tax returns were due April 30.
  2. Audit Season Almost immediately after tax season ends a number of JMH & Co. staff start working outside of the office on various audit engagements.  Our articling students need experience and exposure to a wide range of areas including audit hours (sounds found doesn’t it).  This is necessary though so that these students can obtain their CPA designation (no pain, no gain).
  3. Networking It’s finally time to catch up with long lost business acquaintances.  It is all too common to hear us say “I’ll call you the first week of May and we’ll catch up over lunch”.  That said, sounds like June is a good time for our personal trainers to catch up with us after all those lunch dates.
  4. Corporate Files Far too often some corporate files are put aside as we struggle to meet the personal tax filing deadlines.  As soon as we start fresh in May we get right back at it.  This means reaching out to our corporate clients and making sure our high service standards are maintained.
  5. Internal Housekeeping After the crazy busy season, spending some time with staff to review various achievements allows the team to learn, grow and become better professionals.  We know that the learning process never ends, so the time used to review performance achievements along with areas for improvement is a very productive use of our time.

Tax Season is crazy but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  It is one of the most common times for our team to connect with our amazing clients, and after 100 years in business, we have a lot of those gems.

Thank you to everyone that connected with JMH & Co. over the past few months, don’t be a stranger, as you can see from above – we are always here to assist.


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