Balance – Who Needs It?

Usually when you hear an Accountant talk about balance it has something to do with a budget (and if you hear your budget is balanced, you are one step further than our Province). *

We decided in the midst of tax season we would talk about what our team does to remain balanced when days become long and nights too short.

Here are our top 5 tips to remain sane during tax season:

  1. Eat Mindfully:  We do not ignore the fact that Tosca Reno knows her stuff (Ryan is notorious for eating clean but we aren’t sure if that is by his own free will).  Eating whole foods and avoiding junk food not only ensures we get the proper nutrition our bodies require, but it helps us avoid illness during a very hectic time.  This takes planning to avoid the fast food drive-through, but it is worth it as our energy throughout the day stays steady rather than a constant roller coaster ride of sugar highs and carb overloads.
  2. Exercise:  Not all of us are in love with the idea of heading to the gym for 90 minutes (although we do have a couple crazy…. Correction, “dedicated” gym goers).  However, stepping away from our desks to get outside for even a 20 minute brisk walk or biking to work instead of driving can work wonders for our mood and energy levels.
  3. Music: Different music genres can make or break our mood.  Music is important for regulating our emotional state and can impact our focus.  There is no judgement on what everyone listens to (although Drew could maybe cut back on the Backstreet Boy songs), we just encourage everyone to “get their groove on” to help them stay energized.
  4. Find Time For Fun: This can be a challenge when we are in the office for 15 hour days, but even a 30 minute break to have a little “me time” can enhance our mood.  Some staff favorites include sneaking away for a 30 minute Bruins vs. Canadians game, enjoying time at the local coffee shop and stepping out for an hour to watch a son or daughter’s after-school activity.
  5. Know our limitations: This can be particularly hard but very necessary.  None of us are superhuman (no matter what Jay tries to tell you).  We cannot fit more hours into our day so we must be conscious of how much we take on outside of our main responsibilities to ensure we don’t harbor resentment towards oneself for not accomplishing the impossible.

The countdown is on and we are so close to wrapping up the 2016 tax season.  Thank you to all of you that support us each year either as a client, a friend, coffee shop owner (we didn’t include caffeine as a tip, but trust us, it is a huge part of our survival tactics) or all of the above.