Life’s a balancing act.

In this day and age, it is a never ending struggle to find balance in our lives.  It may be school work or your career, technology, extra-curricular activities, parental and/our spousal duties; our lives seem to be an infinite circle of things that need to be done and, all too often, need to be done now.

This rings especially true for small business owners.  And even more true, a small business owner who just opened the business doors.  It is not uncommon for new business owners to work around the clock due to financial/staffing restraints. And let’s face it, at the end of the day this is your livelihood on the line so not giving it all is not really an option.

But in any career, balance is a necessity to living a healthy life and ultimately succeeding in your business. So how can a new business owner achieve it?

Here are a few ideas we’ve thought of to help you create more balance in your life:

Write down your personal and business value system

Why would you write down a value system for yourself, and one for your business? Well, sometimes the two can differ. To find balance you need to acknowledge what is important for you personally and professionally. It helps you when you are trying to determine your priorities which helps when seeking some balance. Try and pick three items that are important for you in both and use these as your compass. 

Define what balance means to you

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Not every day will be the same, so sit down and analyze the number of minutes/hours you need to feel human.  This could be a coffee break with a friend, a phone call to a family member, a walk in the park or a workout in the gym. Deciding what you’ll need, and setting a course of action to help achieve it will help you achieve the balance you seek.

Create boundaries

As a business owner (especially a new one) you tend to veer towards the ‘I must take this call now’, ‘I must answer this email right this minute’ type of attitude. And you are right, it is important to be accessible to your clients/customers, but sometimes we can be too accessible. Create boundaries that you feel comfortable with to give you the opportunity to have some breathing room. Remember, No isn’t a bad word.

Balance, although a tricky thing to grasp, offers you the ability to recharge. So pour a cup of coffee and open that book on the back porch and let your mind step away from the business for a short break – who knows, that book may just be what you need to give you the next great idea for your business. And don’t forget that we are always open to having a coffee with you as well.


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