Planning for Christmas

As you walk into the mall to battle the Christmas crowds you hear a little tune stating “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Your first instinct may be to roll your eyes as you think of the money you are about to spend…. And then, perhaps, you feel guilty for reflecting the mood of dear ol’ Mr. Grinch

It’s normal for many to feel stressed from the chaos of Christmas. We want to help you avoid the pain when your VISA statement arrives by providing some tips on making this Christmas easier on the pocketbook:

1. Review your spend from last year

There is a lot to learn from the past. Looking at what you spent last year will help you determine what may be necessary this year. This is not to say that you can’t learn from last year’s overspending if it occurred. If you are still paying off last year’s Christmas spend, learn from last year and trim back.

2. Make a list and check it twice

Don’t be afraid to mark down who’s been naughty or nice. Without a list, overspending can easily happen as you can forget who you purchased for, or how much you’ve already purchased. Also, recognize that not everyone requires (or expects) a gift. Gift giving is a very kind gesture, as is a thoughtful Christmas card with a special message.

3. Go “old school” and break out cash or your debit card

It is easier to stay within your budget when you are able to see the cash leave your wallet after each purchase instead of seeing the statement after the money has been spent.

4. Consider a different approach to giving

Depending on how old your family is, you could consider the option of gifting a portion of your budget to a charity of choice. This can help you stay within a particular budget and it helps a charity in need. There are several Adopt-A-Family or Adopt-A-Senior options and it ensures everyone has a special Christmas in our community.

Our JMH family hope you enjoy the Christmas season. Don’t hesitate to contact us as we offer FREE consults and online appointment booking for your convenience.