Does your Accountant encourage you to be fearless?

What does it mean to live fearlessly compared to reckless in business? A recent conversation with a local businessman got us thinking about this topic and how it applies to what we do with our clients.

When someone is fearless, they lean into possibilities and stretch themselves to analyze things, explore new options, “think differently” and ultimately take action despite the fact the action could be cause for some discomfort or fearfulness.

What about reckless? We consider someone reckless when they seem out of touch with reality. Perhaps “their real world” is not the world the rest of us reside in.  We see reckless individuals as people who don’t consider the challenges in front of them. They tend to move forward regardless of the potential dangers ahead and the warning signs to adjust accordingly.

Our goal at JMH is to advise clients to be fearless with their finances. Being fearless offers the client a measure by which to take risks. It provides comfort to know all involved understand we have analyzed the situation, we acknowledge the risks, we considered the options and we worked together to create an action plan with the client’s best interests in mind. The action plan is monitored to ensure the client can live fearlessly based on sound strategy and advice.

If you have been feeling more reckless than fearless with your finances we encourage you to contact our team at JMH. Together we will shed some light on your financial success.

Note: Thank you to Trevor Moore of Trevor Moore Inc. for providing the inspiration for our blog post today. We always appreciate the analogies you have up your magical sleeve.