JMH & Co. Announces Entrepreneurial Grant for Southern Alberta

On Friday, April 8, 2016 Local accounting firm JMH & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants celebrated their 100th Anniversary by announcing a $100,000 entrepreneurial grant program for Southern Alberta called the Rise-Up Grant. The program encourages social entrepreneurialism, providing the opportunity for the recipient to build their company while supporting the community in which they live.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who use their businesses as vehicles to address social issues. They adhere to the Triple Bottom Line: financial, social and environmental.  JMH believes this is the key to helping the local community during the current economic downturn.

The first recipient of the Rise-Up Grant is Red Rock Union, who received $25,000 to organize the popular Conquer the Coulee and Conquer the Valley obstacle races.

Red Rock Union is a Medicine Hat-base not-for-profit that organizes the family-friendly Conquer the Coulee and Conquer the Valley obstacle races. Through encouraging family fitness, Red Rock Union is able to give back to other local organizations that encourage physical activity among youth.

In 2016, Red Rock Union will donate to the Medicine Hat YMCA to help families who require financial assistance.

“JMH’s Rise-Up Grant allows us to create a more professional experience, accommodate more participants and donate more money,” explains Red Rock Union co-founder Chris Humphries. “Youth obesity is on the rise in Canada and our goal is to support organizations that make physical activity and education accessible to everyone. We are excited to have this opportunity in Medicine Hat.”

“Red Rock Union has done an excellent job building their obstacle races,” says JMH Partner, Ryan Dorton. “They have created a sustainable business model that includes social entrepreneurialism, making them an excellent fit for the Rise-Up Grant. We look forward to helping them grow and continue supporting healthy lifestyles in Medicine Hat.”

Conquer the Coulee is on Saturday, May 28, while Conquer the Valley is on Saturday, August 20. Registration for both events can be completed online at

For more information on the JMH & Co. Rise-Up Grant please visit