JMH & Co. | Office Tour | Medicine Hat

Lastly, we conclude our three-part office tour in Medicine Hat!

First up is Darren Petersen’s office.

Darren brings over 25 years of experience to JMH, where he specializes with small businesses, agriculture, professionals from all sectors and estate & trust planning.

Away from the office, Darren takes time with his family to enjoy trips to their family cottage in Montana. He is also involved with his church, volunteering his time to help families and his community in Southeastern Alberta.

Next we visit Ryan Dorton.  

He’s not there and there is a note on his door saying that he’s out for 9 holes. Just kidding.  He’s here somewhere.

Ryan has been with JMH for nearly 20 years and believes the relationships he forms to be the most rewarding aspect of being a partner with JMH.  

Outside of the office, Ryan is kept busy with his two children and their various activities.  And don’t forget golf.

Next we pop into Séamas O’Fuarthain’s office.

Séamas brings over 30 years of experience to the JMH&CO team, specializing in agriculture, medical practice, and family business accounting.

When he’s not in the office, Séamas likes to spend his time outdoors and coaching soccer, which is something he’s been a part of for well over a decade. Oi! Oi! Oi! Wait, we may have that chant wrong….

Jillian Koch’s office is next down the hall.

Jillian joined the JMH team in 2008 and gained her designation as a Chartered Accountant in 2012.

She has been active with Medicine Hat College’s Be Your Own Boss seminar series and in providing mentorship to the staff at JMH. Her love of the community and her desire to be actively involved has led to her becoming a member of Medicine Hat Rotary Club. And if you want to talk about books, Jillian is our resident bookworm who loves our local library and all the stories it shares.

Drew Jackiw’s office door is wide open so we peek inside.

Drew joined JMH nearly 15 years ago and gained his Chartered Public Accountant designation in 2009.

In the office, Drew enjoys being able to give his clients peace of mind. He’s always looking out for the clients’ best interests financially while ensuring compliance, so his clients can focus on their passion and what they do best, which is run their business.

Outside of the office, Drew spends his summers at the ball diamond coaching his kids, living his glory days on an “old-timers baseball team” and cheering on the Mavericks.  Go Mavericks Go!

Next we slide on over to Tyler Pocsik’s office.  We hear grunting sounds and contemplate going back to Drew’s office but the non-office like sounds pique our curiosity.

There we see Tyler, trying to show Dylan how to properly lift a large stack of file boxes.  Good thing for Dylan, Tyler has all the skills required to lift heavy objects.

Tyler joined the JMH team in 2010 after he received his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Calgary and in 2013, Tyler completed and received his designation as a Chartered Accountant and became partner January 2019.

His passion for powerlifting led to involvement in the national powerlifting community, with roles ranging from local to an international competitor, volunteer, coach and referee. His love of lifting led him to volunteer as Treasurer at Medicine Hat’s YMCA, where he can further serve his community.

And last but certainly not least on our Partner office visit is Dylan Anderson.

Dylan joined JMH in 2010 after receiving his Bachelor of Commerce degree and gained his Chartered Accountant designation in 2013, becoming a Partner January 2019.

In his spare time, Dylan enjoys working on his classic truck. Most days he comes in smelling like grease, but we guess there are worse things to smell like…

Dylan and his wife Samantha like to take advantage of living in Canada’s sunniest city, by utilizing Medicine Hat’s endless number of walking paths and beautiful parks.

At JMH & Co. we are all about making connections, connecting clients to the accountant that best fits their business goals and/or personality. We encourage you to book a free first-time consultation with the partner you feel you can best align yourself with.

We hope you enjoyed a little ‘tour’ and introduction of all three of our offices and the partners who serve our wonderful clients.