Let the music move you.

Bob Marley was quoted as saying “One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain”. He was right, music has the ability to make us feel overwhelmed with emotion whether it be deep sadness or supreme joy.

Our office put together some playlists to help us through tax season this year. We figured it was a fun way to keep ourselves sane during the craze of tax time, and also something we can share with you.

“One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain”. ~ Bob Marley

Find JMH & Co. on Spotify. We created the following playlists for you:

  • Accounting 101 – A throwback to the early days. This one offers you 125 songs that will take you back to the 70’s, 80’ or 90’s. 
  • Shoebox Shuffle has the oldies but goodies. Enjoy songs from Buddy Holly, Little Richard John Mellencamp and more.
  • School’s out for Summer was our inspiration for Tax Time’s done, bring on summer.
  • Calculated Country has a variety of good old boy/girl music that takes you back to dirt roads, open fields, and small towns.
  • Breaking down finances has some techno tunes to help us break down those numbers for you. This has a chill vibe (we can say that we’re cool).
  • Jazzing your numbers is the perfect way for us to spend our long days during tax season working on our client files. With 146 songs, this one can keep us going for the long shifts.
  • And the final playlist we have on our Spotify account is our All-nighters can call for afternoon naps. This is a calm playlist when you just need a little rest.

Give a few of these lists a follow under your Spotify account and let our music move you.

Oh, by the way, in case you forgot it’s tax season. Book Today.