Proposed Tax Changes for Private Corporations | Presentation

Recently, some of JMH’s advisors where invited to speak at a presentation hosted by Community Futures | Entre-Corp. Drew Jackiw and Ryan Dorton attended the event and presented on the proposed tax changes which were announced this past July by Minister of Finance, Honourable Bill Morneau.

The consultation document release by Morneau, outlined steps in the government’s intention to close loopholes and deal with tax planning strategies used by private corporations.

During Jackiw and Dorton’s presentation, they provided more background knowledge on how the Canadian Tax System currently operates. They educated those in attendance on the proposed changes and explained how the changes will adversely affect small businesses, including those in the “middle class”.

Over 30 members of Medicine Hat’s business community attended the presentation hoping to learn more about these changes and who they can contact to have their opinion heard.

The presentation can be downloaded here.