Time to switch Accountants?

Have you been thinking about switching Accountants and you are wondering – how easy is it?

There are certain industries that individuals can have an overwhelming guilt about changing companies with. The top three we can think of are your Hairdresser, your Realtor and your Accountant. Often though, changing status quo brings great benefits. Perhaps your new Hairstylist will introduce you to a new look that makes you feel younger, perhaps your new Realtor has a better understanding of your style, and maybe a different Accountant will provide you with different business advice that you had not thought of before.

It is easier than you think to switch accountants.  You don’t even need to be the one to make the call.

  • As JMH is a member of the CPA Institute (you call tell an accountant is a member if after their name they have one of the following designations: CPA, CA, CMA, CGA), we are required to send a courtesy letter to the predecessor accountant, informing them of the transition that is to take place
  • If your previous accountant was also a member of the CPA Institute, they are also required to respond and provide any required information which helps make the transition seamless.  
  • In order to ensure that there are no disruptions to your ongoing business, JMH will often request authorization to deal with any potential issues that may arise with CRA

So if you have been thinking of switching but are worried about that awkward break-up call, ripping the band-aid off is less painful than ever now because we’ll do it for you.