UPDATE | Alberta Critical Worker Benefit

February 18, 2021 

Now that the application process for the Alberta Critical Worker Benefit is open, more details are available and many questions have been answered. To ensure you meet the requirements, or for more information on how to apply, see all of the benefit details here first.

The following are key extracts from the detailed guidelines that were released by the government late on February 17, 2021:


  • The Critical Worker Benefit lump-sum payment is subject to the following payroll deductions:
    • Income Tax
    • Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
    • Employment Insurance (EI)


  • Employers will also receive 7.66% of the total funds approved for the eligible workers as additional funding, over and above the $1,200 per approved worker. Note – This is exactly equal to the employers CPP and EI that will be incurred on the payment of the $1200 to the employees


  • Names of employers receiving funding from the program will be published on the Government of Alberta website.  Sharing this information publically will ensure that all eligible workers are aware of their employers receiving funding for the Critical Worker Benefit.


  • Employers that receive the Critical Worker Benefit must confirm with the Government of Alberta that the workers they applied for received the benefit by submitting a Certificate of Grant Recipient (within 4 weeks of receiving the funding).


  • Employers that receive the Critical Worker Benefit must make best efforts to provide the pay to eligible workers who worked during the eligibility period and are no longer employed with the organization.


  • In order to access the online application portal, Employers must have a My Alberta Digital ID for Business (MADI-B) user account with a secure login name and password.


  • The online application will include:
    • A completed application form
    • A Grant Agreement to comply with the program’s terms and conditions, including audit and compliance controls.
    • Employer banking information for direct deposit of the grant to the employer’s bank account.
    • Information regarding each worker who may be eligible for payment must be provided:
      • Full Name
      • Date of Birth
      • Social Insurance Number
      • Occupation title (NOC code)
      • Wage (during eligibility period)
      • Start date
      • Two or more pay stubs from the eligibility period


More information can be obtained on the application portal, as well as by directly contacting one of our three offices:

Medicine Hat (403) 527-4451

Brooks (403) 362-4004

Calgary (403) 261-0835