When it all Adds up for the Business Community

Drew Jackiw believes in the future of our community in Medicine Hat – hence his ongoing and long-time work with Community Futures Entre-Corp, one of three partners that came together to create APEX Southeast Alberta. APEX is a regional innovation network that equips entrepreneurs with coaching, community, capital and creative learning spaces needed to build a successful business in Southeast Alberta that also includes the Medicine Hat College (MHC) and Alberta Innovates. 

What started as a partnership with the MHC through their Entrepreneur Development Centre (which entails JMH & Co. providing $250,000 over 5 years and mentorship to entrepreneurial students),  Drew now offers his accounting expertise and insight to the community at large through free presentations. While he understands the importance of helping students, he also wants to assist both emerging and existing business owners in Medicine Hat. 

Why? Firstly, because JMH’s client base has been incredibly supportive and loyal; JMH would not have grown to what they are today, or operate the way they do, without the clients. Drew feels it is important to give back to these folks – to help them grow and achieve all of their business goals in the most effective way.  

Secondly, Drew understands how easily one business can affect another. He believes new business is as equally important as existing business because it’s a continuous cycle – If an emerging business succeeds others succeed as well! Most businesses in the Hat are providing services to each other. So if that new company can make it work, can pay their suppliers, and can add to the economy, everyone is positively affected. If they fail, suddenly other businesses are losing income and losing customers.

Drew is focused on building a network of businesses trying to achieve a common goal: to grow the Medicine Hat economy. 

 Initially, Drew wanted to help companies get through the growing pains of starting a business – managing cash flows, filing taxes, following specific CRA rules, creating investment plans and focusing on operations. Now his presentations go above and beyond that by incorporating topics suggested by attendees and local business, and continuously adding new and relevant knowledge.  

Just a few of the topics Drew currently offers through his seminars are Starting a Business, Business Valuation, Succession Planning, and Interpreting Financial Statements.  

The best teachers are the ones who are working in the field which is what makes Drew an ideal instructor for these presentations. The location can change, but the courses are always free!