Soccer and Accounting

With the World Cup of Soccer 2018 coming to an end, many of us are tuned in to watch the sheer skill and determination of these teams and their athletes.

Soccer has many health benefits which include:

  • Increasing endurance (which is an essential trait for our accountants during tax season)
  • Improves your cardio (a mad dash to April 30th)
  • Promotes teamwork and sharing (which is another important trait to have at JMH)
  • Enhances coordination (that is questionable in our office)
  • Builds muscle strength (in our office the focus for this is mainly with Tyler)
  • Increases cognitive brain function (a must ALWAYS, but especially during tax season)
  • Improves confidence, self-esteem and helps reduce anxiety (we may just need to start our own office soccer team)

Physical activity and overall health are frequently overlooked by the hustle and bustle of our work and family lives.  Sometimes it doesn’t become an issue until we become unwell, have our yearly physical or think about retirement and golden years.  

Don’t let it happen to you.

Young or old, let’s get active together. Our health and families depend on it.  Get out, grab a soccer ball, football, or hop on your bike and take care of yourselves and leave your accounting up to us. We will shed some light on your financial strength and let you take care of your physical and mental strength.