Exiting Your Business?

You’ve put so much work into your business; stressed about it, dreamt about it – but there comes a time when you have to exit your business and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

There are different strategies you can use to leave your business. For every option from passing the business to the next generation of your family, to liquefying all your assets, you should plan ahead.

Our team at JMH&CO., like Jay Schmidt here, can help you plan your exit strategy. Jay is a Chartered Business Valuator so he can give you an accurate idea of your business’ worth.

If you’re thinking you want to sell your business, we can provide a business valuation that you can take to the bank.

We’ll also come up with a tax plan to make sure your exit doesn’t cost you more than you’ve planned for.

Let us put the right systems around your exit to ensure you can transition away from your business with the least amount of stress while maximizing your returns and meeting your goals.

At JMH & Co., we are Your Partner for Financial Success!

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